Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homemade for the Holidays

If you're like me then the idea of shopping around for an impersonal gift to give isn't your style.

I like to give gifts that scream personal, gifts that come from the heart whether they be handmade rice bags  for sore muscles or just a massage for those muscles.

I'm always glad to give something that I am proud of to my family and friends. 

Gifts from the Kitchen by Annie Rigg is just that book. But it goes beyond the holidays. The book is filled with gifts from the kitchen that fit into any time of the year. Pick a recipe from Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter or Celebrations and your gift will never be out of place. 

The book has recipes for all types of cooks, the Chocolate and Cinnamon Swirl Meringues are not only rustic and beautiful, but they are quite simple to make and last for three to four days!

Candied Citrus Peel is elegant and it can be used by the receiver in a variety of ways.

I'm looking forward to bringing some Summer Berry Vodka to the hostess of my next summer BBQ (and keeping one in my refrigerator to impress guests. Since it lasts up to two months, I can cover the whole summer with two batches!

A great gift for that man if your life who loves nothing but meat, hook him up with some Pork Rillettes, tender pork belly, shredded and packed into jars, wonderful with some hearty bread and Pickled Vegetables!

Bring your garden to friends who might not have one with Slow Roasted Tomatoes

And what better way to show your significant other you love him then by making him a box of Chocolate Valentine's Cakes.

Gifts from the Kitchen is a book that every homemade mama needs, especially if you are the type that likes to impress, or just bring a smile to someone's face!

I received a free copy of Gifts from the Kitchen for this review. I did not receive any cash payments for this review. All opinions are 100% mine

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