Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Deadwood to Redwood

Whats the first thing you think when you see a hitchiker?

For most its 'don't pick that guy up'

As someone who has herself hitched accross the country, I find hitchickers amazing (don't get me wrong, there are some people I just won't pick up)

What if you found out that hitchicker was writing a book?

Well thats exactly what Colin Flaherty set out to do, travel the country and see what it had, WITHOUT a set of wheels.

The book Deadwood to Redwood is amazing, I loved reading every page of it, I love seeing how other people experience the country because its differnet for everyone.

Its also great to read the book to see just how many people actually pick up hitch hickers, 

While I'm sure that the author being able to sleep in hotel rooms made quite a difference in the amount of people willing to pick him up (most hitchhikers from my expereience don't have this luxury)

I really loved meeting all the people that Colin met in the book, I adored reading his thoughts about them, taking his own life experiences into it, the trip to Canada is sure to have you laughing. 

If you haven't traveled the country, or even if you have this book is a great way to get a feel for it.

Seeing the country is quite an adventure when seen through the eyes of a 53 year old hitchhiker!

I received a free copy of Deadwood to Redwood for this review., All opinions are 100% mine, I did not receive anyh monetary compensation for this review. 

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