Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Give A Gift that Cares+ GIVEAWAY!

During the Christmas Holidays its easy to get caught up in the material, what with the whole gift giving aspect of it and all.

But what if you could give a gift to someone that truly needed it, yes even more then your cousin needs ANOTHER angora sweater.

How about giving food to a family on the USA for just $16?

For just $32 you can buy a child an education, much cheaper then that laptop.

What I really like about World Vision Gifts is that it gives an opportunity for kids to really see what they can give to another person. This year I'm planning on letting my daughter help me choose an item to send to a family or person somewhere else. This will be one of her gifts that she recives from us.I think that being able to give is a gift in itself.

The World Vision Gifts offers unique gifts from $16 to  $39,000
buy a child $385 of new toys for just $35
No matter how you want to give, or what your price range is; there is a way to do it with World Vision Gifts

If you want something to wrap up in pretty paper check out the Thai Beaded Necklace which is priced at $60, and you can even get a matching bracelet for  $40!  These were both made by a project for vulnerable girls in Thailand! 

So while you're doing your holiday shopping this year, consider a gift from World Vision Gifts You can read the following press release for more information on World Vision Gifts


Win a Beaded Necklace!

I was sent a beautiful beaded necklace for this review, its super long and it can be doubled around my neck or wrapped around my wrist for a really cool bracelet! I've gotten lots of complements and since it comes from World Vision Gifts I feel really good about wearing it. and the people over at World Vision Gifts are offering one for you readers!

To win one visit World Vision Gifts and tell me what you'd like to give to someone else. Large or small I just love all the ideas and would love to hear what you readers love out of the World Vision Gift Catalog. Leave a comment below by December 3rd 2011 and I'll pick a winner. Be sure to leave your e-mail address if its not linked up to your comment!

I received a free beaded necklace for this review, all opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review/


  1. I would provide food to people in need in the USA, our local food banks always collect but I am sure there are a lot of places where it is just not enough!!