Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"On the Wings of Self Esteem"

So about a month ago I was sent the book "On the Wings of Self Esteem" written by Doctor Louise Hart. Coincidently (or maybe not so coincidently) around the same time I was told that I should read some 'self-help' books

I never had really been into reading self-help books I thought of them as ways that people use to get you to buy their products and services and I really never thought that I would get anything out of them.

But after receiving this advice from someone I respected I decided to give it a try, I decided that receiving this book around the same time that I received this advice that I should start with "On the Wings of Self-Esteem" since it had literally arrived on my doorstep unexpectedly.

The first few pages of the book were a bit difficult to get into . It was very metaphoric and I found it a bit hard to relate my life to that of a butterfly or caterpillar.... I guess that was part of my problem.

Upon reading the rest of the book, I have found advice that is relate-able to the rest of my life. Its easy to understand where the author is coming from because she uses examples that are easy to compare with my own life. I think that lots of us get our problems from the same places they are just different. The author uses examples from peoples lives to show how we relate things in our own lives.

The second part of this book that I found so great were all the exercises that Doctor Hart uses to really help readers get to the root of the problem. They are great because she encourages you to write them out. I have found that in my life and in my healing that writing always works better then thinking for me. Its good to see it all on paper. It makes it easier for me to understand then when its jumbled up with all the thoughts going on in my head most of the time.

I have found that reading a chapter from "On the Wings of Self-Esteem" each night has really helped me to relax and get in tune with myself. I really enjoy the exercises even if sometimes they are thought provoking and hard to do, I know that thats just me working through my problems.

I recommend This book for anybody who needs to love themselves more. Anybody who is feeling lost but doesn't know how to find themselves.

I really enjoyed this book and it helped me a lot so I encourage all of you to check it out.

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