Friday, April 22, 2011

I survived

Well I survived

I did it

The dentist didn't kill me
although I'm not sure I feel stronger after this either

I cried, I sobbed, I poured sweat like I had just run a mile dash.

But I made it through, no Novocaine, no needle, just the drill and my teeth.

And the whole crew was there, the lady even gave me a teddy bear.. yep a teddy bear, talk about feeling like a little kid, She held my hand while the dentist drilled and I got through it. Barely, soon as they were done I was OUT of that chair and ready to go.

Phew glad I got that over, in other news I will be cutting most sugar from my diet so I can avoid any other appointments other then cleaning, I know I need to do more then that but the only good thing that comes out of this dentist visit is my obsession over my daughter's dental hygiene.

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