Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Peep it up!!

Peeps, not only are they fun to say, but they are fun to eat.

I just love all the fun that I have with them every year around easter.
And I even eat them secretly when its not easter ( c'mon there is a reason that they make those trees!)

I've had so many great times eating peeps, I used to love finding them hidden in my easter basket on Easter morning. This year I plan to put them inside the plastic eggs so that Annabella can enjoy opening each one. I'm thinking that this will provide hours of entertainment when it comes to easter morning. Plus it should be tons of fun stuffing those marshmallows into the eggs (and eating the ones that 'ahem' don't work out)

As I've gotten older I've found some other uses for peeps, of course I think all of us have put them inside a microwave and watched the small chick grow to a chicken and then explode (sorry for the mess mom)

I also like to make large s'mores with peeps, they are festive and you can make about two s'mores from one peep. Have you ever roasted a peep on the fire? Well let me tell you if you haven't you've been missing out,  the sugar on the outside caramelizes and its always fun when they light on fire. (sorry little guys)

I have been thinking this year of making a wreath for easter made of peeps, I think that with some shellac and some time it could be a great addition to my easter decor. I worry that it may mold or something, but I'm sure that if I cover the surface with the shellac it should work fine. Please if you have tried this let me know. I will share the results when I make it.

How do you eat your peeps? Me I eat the tip of the beak first and then the little tail and then move onto the rest of the peep. It usually doesn't take very long for me to finish.

What a better way to inspire fun, then with an easter version of  'fluffy bunny' who can fit the most peeps in their mouth and still say 'fluffy bunny' (caution, please don't over stuff, please watch young children, marshmallows melt and we don't want any choking on easter)

I  hope that you can get some great ideas for Peeps with this post,  they are adorable and tasty so therefore they meet my standards of awesome. What do you do with your peeps?  

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