Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nutella Mommyparties!!

I was so lucky to host a party sponsored by Nutella hazelnut spread. Oh my goodness! 

We had a breakfast here, and I pulled out all the stops, I made French toast spread that with Nutella. I also attempted crepes with Nutella and strawberries, people said that they were good but umm. I'm not so sure that I liked them.

Nutella was so nice to give away samples and coupons to all the guests, they also gave us some amazing coffee tumblers that break down into organic matter in one to five years after they are disposed of!

I would also like to comment on the Nutella spreaders that we received, finally a way to get all the way around my jar of Nutella!

The best part about Nutella in my opinion anyways is that it is free from Hydrogenated oils and trans fat! So that means that even though it might have 200 calories in two tablespoons, its not hydrogenated, and its delicious, which means I have no problem gobbling it up once each morning. 

I've really been getting into spreading it on a whole wheat tortilla with some chopped hazelnuts, brewers yeast (yes folks a great way to disguise the awful taste of brewers yeast) some hemp seeds and whatever else I want to throw on, I just roll it up and eat that for breakfast. Quick, easy and delicious! 

Another great fact about Nutella which makes it especially cool is that its peanut free. In fact, the products in the factory don't come into contact with peanut ingredients during manufacturing, This is so great because often families with peanut allergies are limited in chocolate and nuts that they can eat. Nutella is a great alternative to the classic A.M. peanut butter on whole wheat toast!

I'd especially like to thank Mommyparties for choosing me to be a host of the party, We had a blast and everyone loved the goodies that they got to take home, including the $1.00 off coupon! I'm glad to say that maybe one or two of those guests might convert to reusing their Nutella tumblers, rather then getting a Styrofoam each day from Dunkin Donuts!

Thanks again, my guests and I both look forward to hosting another great Mommyparty

I received a free kit full of goodies from Nutella! I did not receive any cash for this review. Thanks Nutella and Mommyparties!

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