Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What makes me lucky

Sometimes it can be hard to pick yourself up when you're feeling blue, but its important to remember all the things that we're lucky for. Its something that I struggle with everyday, pulling myself back to the reality that is the wonderful life that I'm lucky enough to live. So when I saw that Socialmoms and Redbox were sponsoring a post about being lucky I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon.

  1. My daughter: I have a daughter who is amazing, she is so smart and has a sense of humor. She loves me no matter what and while I don't like to admit that I break down in front of her, she is always there with a hug and a "ahh mum mah" when I am feeling my bluest. I'm amazed everyday that she is so compassionate at such a young age
  2. My family: It was hard and scary to leave my baby's father when I did. Its still hard, but I'm lucky enough to have the family that I do around me. I have people who are always trying to give me a break or lend an ear to my problems. They give me the space that I need and when I get overwhelmed with being at my mother's house there is always a place to stay,
  3. Annabella's Father: I know I just spent some time talking about how hard my life is without him. But he has been very understanding of my emotions throughout this breakup. He not only is always on time with child support, but he forgives my pissed off and somewhat erratic e-mails that can come from me being angry. Its helpful to be able to talk to the person who you are so angry at and know that they are still here for you
  4. Italian food: Okay you know I had to throw food in there, lately its been PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA, for me! I love it, maybe its not the healthiest of diets, but it certainly makes me feel better when I sit down to a slice covered in mozzarella, sausage, and some sliced mushrooms.
These are simple, but these simple things are really important in my life. They are what holds me together at times they are what keeps me sane. They show me that my life could be worse and that I'm only working to make it better, with time I know that I will be right in the place that I want to be. I'm glad that I have this list to look back on and I hope it encourages all of you to write down what makes you so lucky in your life.

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So what makes you feel lucky??

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