Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ten Tips for great family Travel Deals

Do you need a break? Ready for a nice trip to visit the family or a nice sunny trip away from them?
Well it can be tough to get those deals for cheap, especially with the gas prices on the rise and for those of us with larger families.

So when I'm feeling blue, I'm always looking for great travel deals (even when I don't have the money to!) So I've come up with a few tips to help you get the best deals!

  1. Go Early! Look online early, months if possible. The earlier that you plan the more of a deal that you will be able to get. I really like using and I also like how sends me quotes for trips that I take often.
  2. Camp: Hey its cheap! And you can usually find a really cute rustic cabin in the woods for a good price. Its quaint and simple. I go right back into the "Little House on The Prairie" 
  3. Drive there! Take a cross country trip! I know it might sound intimidating to do but if you plan out your stops it can be a rewarding and fun experience for all involved. There is so much to this country that most people never see! Share it with your kids so that they will share it with theirs!
  4. Group Discounts: Why not go with a bunch of people? Bring your whole family for a reunion, most resorts and parks have group discounts if you have more then a certain amount of people. Plan it with your mama friends and the men can take the kids while the ladies go for a day at the spa!
  5. Do your laundry: Pack light to avoid paying heavy charges on airlines, just book a hotel with a laundry or find one nearby! I mean really who has time to pack huge bags anyways?
  6. Do some cooking: If you cook some simple meals, you can save lots by not going out to diner and enjoy the local cuisine and go to a nice Farmer's Market so you can really find out whats up with the locals. Most hotel's have grills for you to use.
  7. Don't forget your toothpaste: Pack one bag with large toiletries, if your hotel doesn't happen to carry a kind you like, you'll spend tons in the vending machine or shop getting a mini version of a kind you like. These tiny bottles can cost you tons when you really add it up in comparison. Just pack them in a large ziplock bag.
  8. Visit your family: Most of the time family is more then happy to visit with you. So why not take them up on that offer. Plan a few overnight trips in towns close and you'll get a break and be able to give your relatives a break from having a full house and they can probably tell you the best places to visit. Also they'll probably agree to take the kids for a night!
  9. Take a break: Plan a day or two just to hang out at the hotel. This way everybody can have a rest, and you'll save from spending on going out everyday of the week. Bring some card games (these are also good for the airplane) or see if the hotel has some that you can borrow. The kids are sure to already be in a good mood from being on vacation so they will probably enjoy some time with you and the family just chilling out.
  10. Shop around: This is probably obvious, but check out the roads less traveled, could you rent a house for just as much as a hotel for a week? Is one cruise cheaper then the other if you add a friend? You probably know somebody who will love to go with you! Check out all the options that you can get on and even try calling the airlines to see if you can get a better deal?
Have fun out there planning! And dreaming your vacations away. I'm so ready to go looking for a new place to imagine  going to after this that I might just skip my window shopping for some cruise line shopping (a friend just posted pictures on Facebook of his cruise and I am really wanting one) I hope that these tips can help you plan some affordable and enjoyable vacations with your families!

Where do you want to go??

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