Wednesday, April 21, 2010



My fellow norcal mama had her baby yesterday at 12:40am!
Born 4-20-2010

What a nice birthday

I'm so happy for Anna and Joey

Its such a wonderful thing when a close friend has a baby. Before Anna, there really hasn't been any fellow mama's that I get along with very well in my area.

But we're gonna be raging the Mercedes wagon

I've never gotten to be a mama and run errands with another mama

I know this probably sounds ridiculous, that I'm so excited to have a mom friend. I never knew how lonely being a mother could be. Even with all the support I've recieved from my friends and family. I know that things will be getting a lot easier for me in the sense that I now have someone who I can lean on

I am so excited to help Anna with Bobo, and help her with all the new baby madness. 

Another Bonus!
Now I can make two of all my baby projects!

Projects I've made/am making for Anna include

  • Ring Sling (this was going to be a wrap, but I made myself a ring sling yesterday and I like it way more then my wrap)
  • Diapers
  • Wipes 
  • Changing Pad

Anna is also crafty like me, I'm so looking forward to our craft days!

Or when we will have arts and crafts with our toddlers

Anyways, Congrats Anna! Congrats Joey

Here's to two of  my best friends
and to Annabella's new best friend

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