Monday, April 12, 2010

NaturOli Extreme 18x Product Review

Many of you will remember my soapnuts review . You will remember how well they cleaned just about everything in my house. Sometimes however, we just don't have the time to make a tea and let it simmer for an hour. And some of us (::ahem:: myself) have a hard time remembering to grab a muslin bag from the laundry. ::cough::  But, we still want to be green! We still want to use the most pure natural thing we can, especially if it's going on our baby's bottom!

A solution, the Soapnuts Extreme 18X is a concentrated form of the Soapnuts. That comes already in liquid form to use just like the Soapnuts liquid, and works just as well in most cases, and better in some.

I received this with my Soapnuts order, so it came just as quick! I used it for a load of dishes, because I had been using my Doctor Bronner's anyway.

The concentrate is very affordable it is $17.95 for a bottle, and it comes with the micro dosing pump, which I didn't have but looks like a sweet addition, because without it, pouring too much into the sink is an easy mistake. You really can't beat the price considering all that you can use it for.

The extreme 18x is a highly concentrated form of the Soapnuts liquid that you brew at home.

How to Use

The Extreme 18X is much simpler to use then the raw Soapnuts, because you don't have to boil it down, you can simply use it right out of the bottle. I used it for my dishes when I got home  by just adding a drop to my dish water,  It got more suds then I remember the homemade Soapnuts liquid making, which I really appreciated,  because it makes me feel like the dishes are getting more clean.

I also made a spray out of it by using  a tablespoon of the liquid, one ounce of vinegar, a few drops of orange blossom oil and the rest water. It leaves everything just as clean as with the homemade Soapnuts liquid. Its a great alternative if you don't have time to make your own.

For Laundry, I used a teaspoon per load, and everything came out just as well as with the Soapnuts.

How It Works

The concentrate does a great job of cleaning, I love it for dishes, and like keeping the bottle next to the sink at all times. 

Its also very handy , because you can keep the bottle right next to the machine, I didn't like having to measure a teaspoon each time (mostly because I only have one set of measuring spoons, and I had to take them to the laundry room each time and this sometimes meant I had to wash them) But with the squirt top that is now included, this can be easily avoided. And you can just squirt it in the laundry. Just as with the Soapnuts, Annabella's bottom still looks great.

Where to buy

The concentrate is available from NaturOli, it is affordable, and from my experience, arrives quickly.

What I liked

  • No need to make the tea
  • Affordable
  • Pretty Color
  • Makes suds in dishes
  • Green
  • In spray form works just as well as homemade liquid
  • all purpose
  • gentle on sensitive skin
What I Didn't Like
  • Missed the scrub that I got with the Soapnuts powder
  • measuring for laundry (this is now avoided with the squirt top)
  • I liked having the raw Soapnuts around

Overall, I really liked the product, and if you don't have time for all the work of making the homemade Soapnuts liquid, its a great alternative to the raw ones. I personally like having the powder around for scrubbing. But love having the concentrate by my sink for dishes!


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