Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teething Cookies!

Annabella has been teething
And since I like baking so much, I figured it was only fair that I make her cookies like I do the rest of the family!

I found this recipe
 from Chic Mommy
which has applesauce, maple syrup, and wheat flour

I ate one right after they were baked and still soft and they were pretty yummy

Annabella thinks they are pretty good too

studying the cookie
looks pretty good
think I'll do it
she loves them!

And here is our picture from the apple blossom festival this weekend, please excuse the hair in my face


  1. I always wanted to make teething cookies for my first but his teeth came in fast and I never did. Totally bookmarking that recipe for my new babe. :)

  2. Great idea! We will definitely have to try these! Thanks for sharing!