Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fabric High Chair

I found this tutorial from this mama makes stuff about three months ago,
Annabella wasn't able to eat solid foods or sit up yet
As soon as we were old enough to start eating, I stalked my favorite craft store The Legacy in Sebastopol (where they sell recycled fabric at $2.00 a pound)
for the right fabric, and then I found about two yards of adorable green spotted prequilt.
And about four yards of a pink geranium print (how springy!)

I already had the velcro, so here is what I came up with
(excuse the messy shirt, these pics were taken post banana)

It works great
Annabella loves it because she can play with her toes

Its so small, I can take it anywhere with us!

Thanks again to this mama makes stuff
be sure to check out here site

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  1. That's awesome! Love the colors and the portability of it.

  2. Those are two great sites, thanks so much for sharing! You are one crafty mama!