Monday, April 19, 2010

When you wish upon a baby carrier

You will look at it everyday, until you can afford it

I want  this Ergo Carrier so bad

My daughter is now 21 pounds, and my wrap carrier just doesn't do the same job as it used to

I only weigh 95 pounds

I also like the thought that Ryan would also wear this one, the wrap seems to be too girly for him.

It also has a sold seperatly backpack attachment $48
this velcros to the straps and makes the carrier into a backpack with a baby!

And of course I always love the idea of a fanny pack $22.00

this straps onto the front of the carrier, and would be great for my cell phone and wallet

The changing pad comes with lots of pockets and  a waterproof bag, to put soiled items $46
Right now the carrier is $110

Mother's day is coming up....

hopefully somebody has been reading my blog.


  1. The ergo is one of those baby items that is worth far more than the $$ you'll spend on it. I hope you get one soon.

    (we split one 50/50. I saved my tips for a week. 55$ was way affordable:)

  2. Oh, I love that gray and the stars! Sooo cute. I saved up for my Ergo and have never been happier about a purchase in my entire life. And it's true, long after I couldn't carry my son in my wrap, he was being toted along in that Ergo. This makes me want to embellish mine somehow!!!!

  3. hmmm, i would go half with you! or you mum or Ryan?? let me know...Muller's Day is comming!

  4. That was my dream carrier, too! I ended up splurging what BabySteals had the black embroidered one up for $70 and I've carried my three month old and 2 yo old all over the place in it! Ergo is the way to go!