Monday, April 19, 2010

Pizza dough, the secret ingredient

I have mastered Pizza
I have Jamie Oliver to thank

Annabella is also thanking Jaime

A few months ago, I found a recipe from him in an italian cooking magazine

I haven't tried it up until now because I have never in my life succeeded with pizza dough

But I tried it because I was broke, but had all the ingredients I needed here in my house

And the secret ingredient? Semolina flour, this high gluten flour is what I use to make my pasta. Everything I make with Semolina seems to come out perfect...

It only takes about an hour to make it!
I even tossed this dough (much to annabella's amusement)

You can get Jaime's recipe 

Then you can make this

Pizza is a great way to reuse leftovers, yesterday, I made Ryan one with leftover pork roast, Jaime's recipe only takes about an hour and a half

My Pizza Tips
  • Roll it out, let it sit for a half hour, then add toppings and let it sit for about fifteen minutes before baking
  • Get your oven HOT, turn it on about an hour before you cook your pizza
  • Use lots of flour on the board you use to transfer it to the pizza stone
  • That reminds me, get a pizza stone
  • Less is more with toppings
  • Fresh ingredients make a difference..USE THEM
  • Make your pizza with Love
  • Practice tossing it in the air (if you dare), on a few dozen pizzas before you do it in front  of pizza
  • also if you are going to practice tossing, you should wash your floor first
  • Babies Love Pizza Crust

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  1. Oh my, just surfed here from OffBeat Mama- that pizza looks amazing!! Yum.