Thursday, March 25, 2010

A few from Yesterday

Well I finished the quilt for Bo Bo

I love how colorful it is
its my best appliqué yet
Ryan likes the space monkeys best
still working on those mitered corners
this fleece is so comfy!

I also refashioned a pair of jeans for myself

It had been a while so I forgot how easy this was, I have more jeans that I will be doing this with.

Annabella has been sitting up like a champ lately


  1. Great quilt! It must be so hard to not stare at her all day, she is SOOOOO beautiful!

  2. YAy ! the quilt looks kickass! And cozy too!
    HAH! your jeans look awesome too, may be easy for you but for me, I always break my sewing needle :(
    LOVEYOU, And good job to Annabella!

  3. That quilt is the awesomest! Oh, I just adore it.