Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Goats

Today I would like to show you the goats at the farm

First we have Daddy smash with mama and her new baby! There were twins, one of them did not make it, but the new kid is up and doing great, he is skiddish like his mother, and she is very protective. 

As you can see he's quickly adjusting to life as a goat, he's already mastered the art of standing on things

And Citrine following close behind her little one, we aren't really sure who the daddy of this goat is, we got Citrine from a friend of ours, who has lot of goats. She is very young
She is a great mom though

This little guy is very friendly

Its a big bummer that we didn't get any girls, we aren't keeping the mamas, we will be keeping them for a while though. We ordered a milking stand, so we will be trying to milk the mamas soon. I look forward to picking out more goats!

I am so excited to try to make soap and cheese!

These little guys are so much fun to watch run around, if you have the space, get a goat


  1. Goats milk is sooo yummy. They are so cute!!

  2. Your goats are adorable!!! I really hope to have goats someday....there's a leisure learning class in town titled: "Goat Farming; Urban Income, Rural Lifestyle"...I giggle whenever I come across it...

  3. i love that baby! soo cute! Hope your finger gets better!