Sunday, March 7, 2010

It ain't easy being tutorial.

So just in case you missed my last post on my finger. It hurts still....

So I found out that a local consignment shop is taking baby clothes to sell on consignment (Cha-ching!) I mean, normally I would just donate them to good-will, but I'm pretty broke these days so I decided I would bring Annabella's nice clothes in to sell

So I went through the bag of clothes that I had saved up for other people and went through them, what to sell what to keep. I came up with some clothes that wouldn't sell because they had been altered by me into some sloppy t-shirts. Because the onsies stopped fitting over her cloth.

Anyways, I also took out the box of baby clothes, that I had been saving for a quilt, now there was all this fabric that I could do nothing with, you know that part of the fabric that you can't use for a quilt, there were all these little odds end ends that were too small, or to plain or stained to do anything with.

I was all out of stuffing so I figured, hey why not try to make my own

So first I cut off all the seams

The dogs at the farm have been requesting a dog bed, I think that these will work, I also saved the snaps and zippers for future projects.

So I had all this fabric! Thats a lot of stuff to just throw away!

Please be careful and go slow!
Blades on rotary cutters are very sharp
Keep your free had off the cutting mat

This is what can happen
don't let it happen to you, be careful

Alright, here we go

Lay your clothes out on the board in no more than 2 layers, this is a great way to use old rotary blades if you save them (I never have but I might now that I discovered this, I like to use a new one for each project but they are SO expensive)

Start cutting lines in your fabric. I like to make grids, don't worry about perfect, obviously this won't matter
Just keep cutting, remember to keep your free hand off the mat, and go slow so you stay in control of the blade

Now crumple it all up, if any pieces are too big, cut them now or just save them for the next layer
Here's my bag of stuffing, I'm going to make Annabella a stuffed animal with some of the smaller pieces of fabric and stuff it with these! I'll post pics

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  1. OWWWW!!!! I punctured my finger with a felting needle this week, I feel your pain! But hey, very cool idea!!! Love the re-use. Looking forward to exploring your site some more.