Saturday, March 20, 2010

A busy week and a special visit

Hello everyone!

I know its been a while
But I have a few good excuses

It has been getting nicer everyday

Right now is my favorite time in Northern California
well one of them (autum is breathtaking)
Right now is the time of year that it just keeps getting nicer and nicer out, its been warmer every day, its warm and we have been taking walks, and going to the beach,  we also made some footprints to send to the Grandparents

Heather has arrived
She got here on St. Patty's Day
It has felt like forever since I last saw her and considering we were pretty much joined at the hip for about six years, a year is a long time to be apart! Needless to say, its already Sunday and we only have till Tuesday morning

Annabella loves Heather, she seems to know exactly who she is and I'm sure she'll miss her when she leaves.

We went to Goat Rock Beach in Bodega Bay on Friday and saw this little guy all by himself in the grass.

Annabella's eyes seem to be starting to change from their beautiful blue color, so I've started putting her in blue as often as possible to make them stand out

Annabella's father swears that she said 'duck' the other day, she's had 'Dada' down for about two weeks now,  still no mama, she's been eating some
Earth's Best Oatmeal Cereal 8 oz
and bananas. I still haven't bought any jarred food, I don't really see the point yet, I'm sure that I will in the future, but for now I just give her the fruit mashed up, she also eats avocado when we go out, no reactions to anything!

Here's a picture of Annabella with her duck

She pulled it out of one of her soft books.

I should be back to normal posting in a few days, as for now, I am enjoying every moment with my best friend

Stay tuned for a couple giveaways next month!


  1. that was such a nice post.....
    And that little deer was soo cute!

    i miss you guys already!!