Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its been a while

Yes yes I'm aware its been a while my dear readers (if there even are any of you out there) I guess its been a mix of lazyness and busyness.

New Years eve was spent in San Francisco, We went to see Further, and Annabella loved it. I thought she might be a little scared of the lights and noises, and of course new people. But we stuck in some EarPlugs Kids Soft Silicone. And they worked great,. The staff at the Bill Graham were so kind, they even let me change annabella in the employee bathroom so I wouldn't have to do it on the floor (yea no changing tables in the bathrooms can I say lame) But the nice lady in front let us bring annabella's  Graco Vie4 StrollerGraco Quattro Tour Deluxe Travel System with Snugride32 in Townsendin which served as the mobile comand point for the night, there is so much space in it. That we didn't need to carry our stuff around all night. And I could lay it back and change annabella right in there (which was nice because even though I got to change her in the employee bathroom it was dirty, the stroller was cleaner)

On the way to the show we saw this incredible mural

Also we went to visit Annabellas grandma and great grandma down in Ventura.

Ventura by the way is beautiful, not the way I thought it would be, I was expecting the harshness and fake people of Los Angles, but I loved it, it was warm but not hot (of course is January), it was clean, natural, and there seemed to be lots to do

We went to the promenade and the beach

Saw a dog that looked like Karma if she were an old man

I want to say thank you to Ryan's family who showed us such a wonderful time down there. And also to Lisa who had us over for her DELICIOUS Salmon cakes with a yogurt caper dill sauce which rivaled a crabcake (I know I can't believe I said it either)

Lisa also has the most gorgeous view of the sunset I have ever seen. I'm not sure what this island is I forgot to ask but I think its Catalina or Santa Cruz

And after the sun has gone behind the island

We also went out for some mexican food, I had chicken quesadillas and rice and beans, they special made ryan a chimichanga. I rate a restaurant by thier chips because those are my favorite things at a mexican restaurant this was medium, the chips were a little thick, But they earned extra points for the man with the box of 120 avocados we only paied forty dollars for! And this sweet painting about hallucinating with a corn god

Thats about it for now, tommarrow I go for dental surgery, so I guess for the next few weeks you can call me the  'toothless gormet'

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