Monday, January 25, 2010

I really need to post more

Well hello, my teeth are doing well and I have moved back to cooking solid foods.

My favorite restaurant in New York City is Carmines, hands down (well its italian food so I guess the hands would be up gesturing). So you can imagine my surprise when I found the Carmine's Family-Style Cookbook: More Than 100 Classic Italian Dishes to Make at Home
Carmine's Family-Style Cookbook: More Than 100 Classic Italian Dishes to Make at Home
It has everything (except of course cannoli). My first test was the Eggplant Rollatini. I love eggplant, and this dish is eggplant sliced lengthwise, friend and stuffed with delicious cheese, then baked in a casserole, I made it with the suggested 'Carmines Marinara Sauce" and it was so good, and my boyfriend LOVED it, we've been eating leftovers for the last three nights!
the final product, the recipe made a HUGE dish of it, from just one eggplant! It was pretty inexpensive to make
  Cento San Marzano Organic DOP Certified Peeled Tomatoes, 28-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
I used these tomatoes as suggested and they were definetly worth the extra price in my opinion. You definetly pay for quality

I firmly believe that ziti or rotini should go with any dishes like this, I think they taste great with italian casseroles.
Of course you can't have a dinner without bread!
The finished plate
And of course the inside Oh it was so cheesy and melty YUM!

This book is a keeper


  1. That baked eggplant dish looks YUMMY! So does everything else from that cookbook! Glad that your teeth are doing better! Hope your little one's rash goes away now, too.

    Thanks for the comments on my blogs - yes it is amazing when your little one starts to walk. Baby Kate started taking steps on new year's day, and was walking like a champ just two weeks later.

  2. That looks soooo good! Makes we want to take a trip to NYC just to go to Carmines! I have been looking for a good cookbook, thanks for the tip I just ordered.