Thursday, January 14, 2010

And the teeth go on....

I made a smoothie this morning only to read that if I drink smoothies with seeds (ahem, raspberries and strawberries the only way I like them) I could get seeds in my sockets and they could give me dry socket and that would be awful

Right now I am eating more carrot coconut cashew ginger soup, which I thought I wouldn't like but I do, its good, but its nice creamy, reminds me kind of an exotic butternut squash soup, which is the other staple soup in my cabinet right now, Green and Orange,what a lovely appetite

I have been assured now that I can resume breastfeeding, and so since annabella now has a rash on her booty that I am attributing to the formula that I just told you fine readers she loved to much. Although it could be from other things.

I pumped about 15oz of breastmilk total that I had to pump and dump such a sad site  but this is the last one that I am dumping...... And I don't plan on pumping for a while either, I just don't have the energy to manually pump right now, I should have just rented an electric pump

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