Thursday, January 14, 2010

Morning Book Review

The Runaway Bunny

I remember this book from when I was a baby, and I hope that Annabella will remember it as well. She loves all the beautiful pictures, I'm so thankful that my Uncle Ken bought her these books because I love reading out loud.

Its amazing to me how you can forget all about books that you read or heard when you were a kid, but then as soon as you have one and start reading those classics, you remember all the great books that everybody read to you when you were little. I find myself searching for titles of books that I really don't know the names of. I remember the pictures, or the way they made me feel. I hope I can bring this to Annabella so that one day when she reads to her kids she can feel the same memories come back to her heart

 Its the story of a little bunny who says he will run away from home, his mother tells her little baby all the things she would do to find him. Becoming the wind or a fisherman so that her little one can be happy and protected by her. This story is so sweet, and true. I would recommend it to every mother who wants her baby to know she would do anythign in the world to find him

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