Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rahmapfelkuchen German Apple Rum-Raisin Custard Torte

Ryan got me a cookbook for christmas, Starting with Ingredients: Baking: Quintessential Recipes for the Way We Really BakeStarting with Ingredients: Baking: Quintessential Recipes for the Way We Really Bake Its great it tells you about all kinds of ingredients; flours, liquors, almond, raisins. And the recipes are oh so yummy. I made this and to be honest, I never got to eat it, I sent it over to Uncle Sean's where I knew it wouldn't go to waste. Its so nice to have a place to send extra food where its appreciated.

Anyways back to the cake, it was a German Apple and Rum-raisin Custard Torte or a Rahmapfelkuchen, I still don't know how to say that word, I've been trying since I got the book.

Its pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The first section of the book is on alchohol, and this recipe is all about the rum, And the crust Oh its yummy, it tastes almost tropical, with lemon zest and rum , its called a 'German Mellow Dough" or Muerbeteig dough. I couldn't help but sneak bites of the dough. All day, but I do this anyways.

After reading the Apples section, I read to put the apples in water with a squirt of lemon juice to be sure they didn't brown. Here are the apples and raisins which I baked first to soften

This recipe called for mace, which is the outer covering of the nutmeg, it took a while for me to find it  because I refuse to buy McCormick Spices,because once I bought garlic powder that was hydrogenated, I had to go to Olivers because they just have everything, and I found it no problem.

While this baked, I made a rum-custard that smelled like it might get me drunk, but in a yummy creamy sugary way,  Then it got baked again. And here is the finished torte sitting with my proud chicken (thanks mom)

You see the hole in the side, I think that might be because I baked it a little too long, the springform pan I bought said to lower the temp of the oven 25degrees from what was suggested, I'm not sure I'll do that next time. I had to bake it about fifteen minutes longer then the recipe stated.

Also it called for a 10" sprinform, I used a 9" and it came out fine

Here's a closeup of the buttery lemony crust. Doesn't it look good?? I sneaked a taste and it was CRUMBLY and oh so good. You can see the yellow from the lemon zest.

And a closeup of the top, mmmmmm
I think as far as I can tell it was a success, I did sneak a taste of the custard from that hole that got baked into the top and it was comfort food

Ryan Just got home and told me the cake was delicious... I can't wait to try the next recipe

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