Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Like pulling teeth: Day One Mushy Peas and tearful formula

Well I did it, and it wasn't so bad..... yet

The Valium helped, I took half of it then a half hour later realized it wasn't working nearly good enough so I took the other half. I just thought a 10mg Valium seemed like a lot. But I guess if thats what the dentist told me
I don't remember anything except the sound of the heart monitor going up every time that I felt anxious.

When I woke up my darling boyfriend and beautiful daughter were there, it felt so nice just to hold her, she gave me the biggest hug in the world, but I think she was a little bit worried of her mama's face

Apparently I insisted on going to CVS with Ryan to pick up the prescription. I remember none of this, I'm told I looked like quite the wreck in there, all bloody and woozy. Not being able to feel the blood dripping down my chin HAHAHA, I always look like a crazy person after I leave the dentist, Drool and everything, I don't  even care anymore

So its been  almost 12 hours and I feel pretty good, the Novocaine is wearing off and my face is a little swollen, but I have been fine taking Advil Liqui-Gels-Ibuprofen Pain Reliever every four hours. But the dentist said it would hurt the worse after three days (there goes my weekend) I guess it wouldnt' be as bad if I didn't have stitches in my mouth that feel like strings, I have been trying to be good about icing my face with some frozen peas every once in a while.

I wasn't able to pump enough milk for Annabella today so we unfortunetly (through many tears) had to give her some formula. Ryan went to the grocery store and despite his mistaking a sweet potato for some other alias root vegetable (I have mistaken the same one many times, could it be a yam?)
I think it must be, I which means I made candied sweet potatoes and not candied yams for thanksgiving (which is okay because everybody loved them and I didn't eat any anyways.

Anyways he got    Similac Organic Infant Formula with Iron, Ready to Feed, 32-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 6)   Similac Organic Infant Formula with Iron, Ready to Feed,  she didn't give us any problems! She drank it right up she would even drink it from me! The iron didn't make her constipated which was something I was concerned about it, she definitely liked it because, she gave us no problems drinking it, we alternated between breast milk that I had saved and the formula. I know that my poor little baby is missing her boobies, but my midwife assured me that we should be fine to continue with the breast tomorrow, I plan to pump when I wake up to get all the rest of that nasty Valium out of my body (well actually the Valium was wonderful but I just can't believe they weren't worried about fentanyl, but the Valium was the most concerning drug they put me on) I will be taking vicodin as soon as my pain gets worse but I am saving those for when I really need them. Vicodin is safe to breastfeed with, they give it to nursing mothers after c-sections,

And thank you to the nice man at CVS who gave us a discount on the Vicodin, the MediCal card wouldn't help us out. They wouldn't cover Vicodin (I'm not sure if that was because it was a dentist or because it was Vicodin, either way big thanks CVS, that really helped.

A few reasons why I love frozen Peas:

  •  they are much better then ice for an injury they just mold right to your face
  •  they taste just as good and cook quicker then regular peas
  •  They cook in about three minutes in boiling water
  •  Mushy peas. (recipe to follow) are a wonderful soft food to eat right after you get your teeth pulled,    even if people think you are stealing your baby's food

Mushy Peas

10oz frozen peas
1 tbsp unsalted butter
1/4c heavy cream
salt and pepper to taste

First cook the peas in salted boiling water till tender
Drain and put in a blender or food processor with butter and heavy cream
Blend quickly till there are still pieces of peas
Add Salt and Pepper to taste

It looks like baby food, I forgot to take a picture but I found this one on it looks like what I had only I mashed mine a little more so it looked like baby food.
These go good with lots of things but my favorite thing to serve them with is salmon, in England I hear they make them a little bit differently and use baking soda or powder to break down the peas... This sounded strange and lenghty  to me, I don't have any english friends so I didn't have to worry about criizizm.

I have been looking online for more things to make that don't include jello and milkshakes (mmmmm) Not so sure about the rice thing, need to cook it for a long time, but I guess I could try a risotto tomorrow  if I am feeling up to it otherwise probably my staple polenta with butter and parmesan. Ryan isn't so big on just plain risotto, myself however love the flavors of fresh butter and grated parmesan, its so good! I guess you have to be italian to appreciate it, of course I love to eat just pieces of Parma

Day 2 is tomorrow, I wonderful how many days this will last? Hey though, if any of you mystery readers ever have teeth pulled, you're gonna wish you followed this blog!

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