Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sharing Happiness in my life

Sharing, its important, it shows that you care. When I'm in a good mood I love to share that with my friends and family by cooking for them.

When I'm feeling down I pick myself back up by cooking great food and eating, this is the same way that I pick up my friends when they are blue.

If they are sick, then I cook them some soup or chicken and dumplings. If they are down in the dumps, some chocolate and some cookies are sure to make them smile again.

I also like to have my friends over for cookouts and meals. It makes you smile to get together with friends eating and drinking it just leads to being merry.

Its fun to get the kids together for to make cookies or to just watch them play, allowing older relatives to join in this can really lighten their moods and make them feel included. Who doesn't enjoy watching two toddlers play with some legos or just chat among themselves. 

 I also like to share my happiness by spreading a smile at work, sometimes I feel like the people I work for are a bit uptight, so its nice to add some chatter to lighten the mood. I share pictures of my daughter or tell them stories about her day. Then they will share stories with me. Its nice to have something to break up the day.

Listening to people tell stories about themselves is also a great way to get people into a good mood, especially when they are stories about the old days or good memories. Its lots of fun. 

I also like to take my grandmother out on errands when I go, she is often stuck in the house and she likes to get out. I myself know that I wouldn't like to be stuck inside for days and days and now that I have my license, I  can take her out and just let her walk around the store with Annabella, I know that she loves  to spend time with her great grand daughter, and its good to see her in one of those rare good moods when she gets out. She seems to get 'cabin fever'.

So get out there and do some things to make someone smile. Remember that everything comes back tenfold. I'm a beleiver in Karma and I think that when we do good things we get good things in return. When I make people smile it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. When I make people do the opposite, it makes me feel sad. There is something to be said for doing good things.

Get out there and do nice things and your kids will learn to do the same. If we all try to lead by this example then we are sure to be in a better place.

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  1. I enjoyed this Mommypants. You are right..making people smile is always rewarding. I never would have guessed you were into cooking! You're so trim! Me..I don't care for cooking much..and I'm NOT trim.

    Thanks for sharing this post today. It made me smile. :o)