Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Review and Giveaway "Exploiting my baby because its exploiting me"

Do you sometimes feel a bit... paranoid?
At times does it feel like every mother in the playgroup is staring at your sweatpants and unmade up face?

Well then  "Exploiting my baby.... because its exploiting me is just the book for you.

Its the perfect book for you. Now, if you consider yourself the perfect mama always looking fab and never having problems... then you probably are  robot.

Teresa Strasser is funny and honest in this book, just like her radio personality. This book is so straight forward that sometimes I wonder if her stories are coming from my house or hers.

The book is filled with hilarious observations of Teresa's own life, I love how honest she is on all accounts and how she doesn't hesitate to talk about feeling left out by other mothers even though its probably only in her head (yes, I felt this way too) Personally I always felt like the 'young mom' or the 'single mom' at birth classes and other events and wondered what we would talk about, I also always thought they were staring at me.

This book is talks about everything us 'normal' parents feel when pregnant, is there something wrong with the baby? What can't I eat? Is this stomach pain something more?

If you're easily offended this book may not be for you, as I said she is brutally honest and doesn't hold back talking about bodily functions, sex, loneliness and so many more topics that we all deal with when pregnant or a new mom.


One lucky reader is going to get a copy of their own! 

To enter:
Be a follower of mommypants and just leave a comment below telling me what you were most paranoid when pregnant... never pregnant, tell me what makes you most paranoid about being pregnant!!

Giveaway ends March 3rd at Midnight so be sure to enter!

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Good luck!

I received a free copy of "Exploiting my baby. because its exploiting me" to review for this post, all opinions are my own. I did not receive any cash for this review


  1. I'm following you! I was always paranoid about people thinking I was just fat... especially after an old man walking behind me said (loudly) to his wife.. "Is she pregnant or just fat!?" My email is in my profile.

  2. I was paranoid about things happening to me while giving birth maybe like something bad would go wrong so with all my pregnancy i made sure to make a living will in case .. lol. but after giving birth thoughts just went away. id love to read this one!! keisha17603@yahoo.com


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