Monday, February 7, 2011

Great T-shirts

Looking for a great t-shirt for your team or event?
Or maybe you need a few to sell at your next craft show?

I was sent one of their shirts featuring their mascot "cheeky monkey" and I love it.

The colors are super bright, and the print on the shirt seems like it will stay for a long time. I've already washed it about ten times and it still looks just as great as the day that I got it.

What I also like about t-shirt is all the different types of shirts they have to offer, including work shirts, sweatshirts, and even those for kids! The whole family can match (which could make finding each other on the beach a bit easier)

They are located in England,but don't let the pounds to dollars scare you, these shirts are great and much better then some of the crappy printing that starts to crack after the first few days of wear. Also, its exciting to get a package from England

So if you need something of this sort, just check out t-shirt give them a call and they'll help you design a shirt thats right for you!

I received a free shirt from t-shirt, no cash was awarded for this review, all the opinions are my own

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