Monday, February 28, 2011

Alien Abductions

I pride myself in being a pretty good mama. I couldn't imagine being away from my little one for more then a day or two. I still haven't left her for a weekend without mama. Overnight is the best that I can handle! But its hard to imagine what my little one would go through if I were gone. I mean of course she would probably enjoy the chocolate overload surely to ensue once I was gone but I think she would miss me soon after she realized that these were gone

  1. Home Cooked Meals: I rarely take something out of the freezer to feed my little one. Its all mama made, not only is it healthier but its got more soul! I can taste the difference in my meals and in the ones that come from the freezer, I'm sure she would notice as well!
  2. Hugs: I give great hugs, often, she's my baby and I will never stop hugging her! I don't think much can compare to a hug from a mama.
  3. The smell of the house: I'm an incense girl, and I love how it smells, I think that my daughter would miss the way that her house smells, and the way that smoke curls in the air over my desk.
  4. Concerts: I bring Annabella everywhere with me! Most concerts are no exception. She went to her first concert on New Years eve when she was three months old. She loved it, had a blast! I miss concerts so I'm sure she would miss them too
  5. Car Trips: I am always looking for great ways to show Annabella the world, I know that she would miss us driving around on back-roads singing and dancing to the best music we can find
  6. Cuddling in the A.M.: I love weekend mornings, Annabell and I will lay in bed for a bit and watch T.V. or read through a book. Its great to just spend time tickling her, and flopping on the bed. Its something that you do with a mama that just isn't' the same with anybody else
  7. Making a mess: I love to make a mess, finger painting, splashing in the tub, or building couch cushion houses. It can all be cleaned up. I don't think that everybody feels the same about this. Annabella and I love arts and crafts and making a mess comes with all of that!
  8. Weekday Mornings: Annabella and I have great weekdays, the usually start with me waking her up then we have breakfast together. After that we will dance to some music to get ready for the day, then we go pick up her Uncle Dave from work and we all laugh on the way for daycare. Its a simple routine but its one that I've grown to love
  9. Skirt-hide-and-seek: Not all kids are lucky enough to have a hippie mama who is always wearing long bohemian skirts. Annabella treats them like they are tents that she can play under. She loves pointing out whatever flower or animal happens to be on them. And she really likes all the bright colors. I've even made her a few of her own.
  10. Mama-made-its: I am crafty as said before. I am always looking for new clothes or toys to make for Annabella, and needless to say it has built up quite a wardrobe. I think that she would miss having clothes and quilts that were made with her in mind and fitted just for her. 
So all you aliens out there, leave me here on earth! I don't want my little one to be sad and I really don't want to have to miss her.  I want to grow and make more traditions with my little one so that she can share the same with her little ones in the future!

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