Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tips for Starting Holiday Traditions

I was in Target yesterday shopping for some Christmas gifts for family as well as Annabella (yes thats right I got to go shopping ALONE!!) I was lucky enough to make some extra cash the day before and since some retail therapy always fixes my woes, I decided to indulge.

I came out on top, some killer motorcycle boots and an AMAZING handbag, a cozy soft sweater and some studded leggings only ran my bill bill to  $70.

Then my Target trip I got Annabella and I some matching pajamas, as well as some sets for the rest of the family so they can join in the fun.

While shopping yesterday I was thinking that  I wanted to start a tradition that Annabella and I could do every year, so I came up with a list of things that I thought were important and of course being the blogger that I am, I have decided to share them with YOU!!

  1. Simple: Go for something easy that won't require too much work to do every year. The holidays can get busy and if you start a tradition that requires lots of time and effort, it may be hard to keep up with
  2. Cheap: Make sure that its something that you'll be able to afford every year. I think pajamas were a great idea because even if we don't have much money, its easy to buy some cheap pajamas or make them out of cheap material
  3. Picture worthy: make it something that you can have a picture of each year, ugly Christmas sweaters for the family make great yearly pictures to put on cards, ornaments of coffee mugs!
  4. Location: take this into consideration, is there a yearly event you can all go to? Are you guaranteed to have a white Christmas? Maybe you can have a snowman family that poses with you!
  5. Write about it: Have your family write down their memories each year in a Holiday notebook you can put it with the holiday decorations so that when everybody is older you can all enjoy the memories that you made. Add recipes and pictures!
  6. Collect it: Ornaments, or figurines, even Christmas decorations, have a Christmas day and shop for them together each year. The decorations will remind you of the days that you spent together. And you can pass them on as family moves away to their own homes. 
I hope these spark some ideas in your heads. Traditions are great ways to hold family with you every year, whether celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas or Yule. Start traditions with your family that you can continue for years to come.

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