Monday, December 20, 2010

Smart & Sexy Extreme Push Up Bra

Its an understatement to say that early motherhood and pregnancy changes your bra size a couple times. Its been a while since I thought that I may need a pushup bra. But these days, since we are almost done with breastfeeding, my ladies are back to about thier usual size (I even think a little smaller) No complaints

When I was sent the Extereme Push Up Bra in Lepord from Smart and Sexy Lingere. I was excited, its probably been since high school that I had a push up bra. I was super excited to see how the girls looked in it!

The bra looked great I love the design, it also felt comfy and I didn't feel like my boobs were being forced to be pushed up, it felt natural like a regular bra.  The bra claims to add a whole cup size! Now I don't know if it did because I'm not sure how to tell but it did make them look bigger and more perky! Which is always nice

The bra is made of strech satin, and its very comfortable and feels smooth on the skin. It has adjustable shoulder straps as well as a closure in the back. The only downfall to the bra in my opinion is that it only has one hook in the back rather then two or three. Personally I like to have at least two hooks on the back I think it helps keep the bra even. But it stayed on okay and it didn't seem to ride up my back.

The padding on the bra is heavy at the bottom then gets lighter at the top of the bra. I really liked how the padding sat under my breasts and lifted them up.  I also really liked how smooth the bra was not lacy like other bras which makes it easy for me to wear under a t-shirt.

Overally I'd say for the price of $15 Smart&Sexy's Extreme push up bra is a good bra. I question whether this bra would work well for larger breasts due to the lack of support in the back of the bra. But for ladies with smaller chests looking to add some clevage, this is the affordable bra for you!

I recieved a free smart and sexy bra for this review, all opinions are my own.


  1. So glad you enjoyed our product! Our pushup bras are great sellers in every size - including 42DD! Don't forget we've got bra-sized swimwear too.... xxoo - have a Smart & Sexy day!

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