Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ch-ch-ch changes

In other news I am wishing that I had made a sweet advent calendar like all the ones on the blogs that I have been keeping up with! I think that my palate has surpassed the cheap chocolate ones. Next year, I am going to make one with gourmet chocolates for each day... Of course, I suppose I could go out and buy a box and then just eat one everyday. But I don't know if I'll have the self control.

The next two weeks are busy for sure, Annabella and I are moving back to Connecticut so that we can be closer to my family, after being a mom for the last year, I've realized that I need some help if I'm going to be going to school and working. 

I'm excited though, I will be moving closer to all of my family and my best friends. I have missed them so much and I can't wait to be back there just enjoying their company. 

I don't feel rushed, we only have two rooms in our house, and I've already packed most of my kitchen into boxes, all I have to pack now is the crib, our clothes, my sewing machine and some books. I have to get some more boxes but I think about ten more should do it.

I got my dram flight back to Connecticut, we leave at 6pm and we have three and a half hour layovers in each stop (two of them) I'm hoping that because of this Annabella will sleep most of the plane trips and play at the airports (fingers crossed?)

Its not to say that I'm not sad. I love California and I'm not looking forward to snow. I'm really going to miss the freedom that California provides. I'm going to miss the beach, and San Francisco and all the amazing town that is Sebastopol.

So Good-bye, California!

I'm glad that I have the AboutOne account, because it will make moving much easier., Since we will need to be choosing doctors and daycares and dentists. 

You readers can look forward to some AWESOME tutorials now that I am moving back, I will be closer to my craft-partner Heather Lynn!! We already have plans for a sewing room and eventually getting an Etsy store up. Its an understatement to say that she brings out the best in me. As most best friends do.

I am excited to live near my sister, and my cousins, Annabella smiles every time I tell her we are going to live near Uncle Kolt and she has been practicing his name. I am happy that we will be living with my family because I love watching them with Annabella. 

So stay tuned because there are sure to be some interesting posts coming up.

Including and AMAZING giveaway that I'll probably be doing in January! 

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