Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ten Tips for Making this the Ultimate Holiday Season

Hooray! I just love posting about the Holidays, there are so many ways to make it great! I have been thinking hard on ways to make it special for my daughter and I as well as the family that we are soon going to be with. Of course, I am always open to suggestions, and I'm sure that you readers are just as excited to make this season shine!

So here are Ten Tips to make this the Ultimate Holiday

  1. Spend it with Family: There is nothing better then family at the holidays, though it can be stressful at times, they are the people who the season is best spent with, even if you don't go spend Christmas day with everyone, make a point to visit them all. Check out  this post on Tips on Starting Holiday Traditions
  2. Shop early: don't spend the twelve days of Christmas battling shoppers, do it now so that you can spend Christmas vacation with you loved ones rather then standing in line.
  3. Shop Online: Its so easy when everything is just delivered to the house, avoiding icy roads and angry drivers check out Hasbro Toy Shop for all the toys that your little one could possibly want! They even have the "Ultimate Toy Line" a line of toys that are sure to make your little one jolly this year, a great place to shop to be sure you get the top toys! You won't have to risk running to the toy store only to find out they are already out of the season's hottest toys like Fur Real Friends, or a Star Wars Millennium Falcon 
  4. Avoid lots of shipping: when shopping online be sure to make a list so that you can get everything shipped together at once, this can take a huge chunk of change off your bill
  5. Bake: Make cookies! Make pies, this is the season for eating sweet, so don't worry about your diet, because everybody puts on some pounds this time of year. You can cut those calories for the new year!
  6. Believe in Santa: Do your best to appreciate the spirit of the holidays and not be a Grinch, I know its commercial, its hectic and its stressful. But all these things are stresses that we put on ourselves during a Holiday that really should be about spending time with the people that we love
  7. Share: Help others, have your kids get rid of some of their old toys before Santa comes and fills their stockings. If your kids are anything like my daughter, what about getting rid of a toy from the forgotten toy chest everyday for Hanukkah or the Twelve days of Christmas?  Work in the soup kitchen or with your church. Remind family that this season is also about giving not just getting. (And make room for all those new toys on the way)
  8. Take a walk: Enjoy the winter weather, I know its cold and snowy, but its only like this for a little while, so take your kids out and help them notice the seasonal differences. Whats making those tracks in the snow? What trees still have leaves on them? Draw pictures of what you saw when you get home.
  9. Sparkle; Get your glitter on, its winter and the Holidays are the best time to sport a glittery top or pair of shoes! Don't let the tree get all the attention! Black goes great with a super glittery piece
  10. Sing: Don't let Christmas carols go out of style, listen to them on the radio and get singing we all know the words and your kids don't care if you're out of tune. Even if your kids tell them it drives them nuts, do it anyway, they secretly love it ::wink wink::
Well folks, I promise I'll have more holiday tips soon and I have a great review and giveaway coming up this week. Make sure to make the most out of your Holidays and don't forget to smile in those pictures! You'll have them for years to come

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