Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Enjoying Christmas movies with Hershey's Drops

Oh my goodness
When I first heard of the Hershey's Drops, I didn't think too much of them. I'm not a fan of convince store candy, and yes I consider myself a chocolate snob. Besides that  I thought that they would be small and probably not have many pieces of cookies in the Cookies and Cream (one of my favorite candy bars ever)

Now I thought that they would be about the size of an M&M 
But was I wrong, they are about two and a half times the size of an M&M, just the perfect size to put on your tongue an let melt in your mouth.. (And yes I'm doing it now, because its the best way to eat the cookies and cream bars too)

At first I was concerned because of the glaze or wax or whatever it is on the outside, I thought that I would taste it, that it would be thick because when I held the candy in my hand for a minute, they didn't melt. But when I tried it I was surprised, All I tasted was chocolate and that stuff on the outside, It didn't even seem to be there, even on the ones that I ate straight from the bag
No mess
No waxy tasting outer cover

They come in 8oz as well as a king size pack.  They would make great stocking suffers as they were released nationwide in December.

Overall I like the drops better then the Hershey Cookies and Cream Candy Bar. My only issue with them is that they contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, which in general I try to avoid, but I think this may be one of those exceptions!

I love that the packages that they come in are resealable. It makes it good for when I attempt to hide them from myself... not that it has worked yet. They are also good to keep in my purse for a good chocolate fix.

I received a sample of Hershey's Drops in my Swag Bag from the SheBlogs twitter party..... I didn't receive any money for this review. Its my honest opinion... these things are good yo..... 

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