Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is going surprisingly well

Almost done!!

Annabella is taking her naps in the pack-n-play which is probably where she'll sleep tonight, and tomorrow night. 
The  relo-cube got here early today so I have plenty of time to pack it up

I'm pretty much already done, here's a picture of it as of about two hours ago

I even moved Annabella's dresser by myself. The crib was no problem to get apart, since I have done it myself every-time anyways.

I'm a little disappointed with myself for not being more conscious about Annabella's changing table. It flips over into a dresser but the top now needs to be refinished because we had towel floors. It never occurred to me to put something UNDER it. but I guess live and learn,.

Anyways, now that its almost all packed I find myself wondering what in the world I will do all day tomorrow and then of course I still have most of the day on Thursday to wait. Hopefully we can find something fun to do that day before our big airplane trip!

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  1. Hi Mommypants, Are you moving? I'm sorry that I've not been by lately. I loved seeing the photo of you with your family.
    I wanted to stop by and tell you Merry Christmas!