Friday, October 29, 2010

Visiting Auntie Heather!

You'll all remember this post about when my best friend Heather came to visit me, well needless to say as often as possible we were together in Connecticut while I was there (we even got to go see Jerry Garcia Band without Annabella)

It really makes me miss being back home when I think about all the fun that we had and how short the whole time seemed. She's the only person I can get this excited with! This would be us eating some wonderful shepherd's pie at the El 'N Gee in New London CT. 

Here we were introduced to 'Lemonadies'  Our friend/ the amazing bartender at the gee invented them on the spot! Since I still think she should patent them I'm not gonna giveaway the secret formula but if you are ever in the area, visit the place!

As Usual Heather has a crazy cat! I actually kinda like this one, she is really cool, and some fancy breed. She was sitting like this for a while, and I couldn't help but take a picture!

Annabella loved Heather's dog, as well as the rest of my friends out there. It was almost like she instantly knew that we were home and she could chill. Well, party was more like it then chill, she loved listening to "Unkie D" and Sean play the guitar, and her and Dumpster (Heather's dog) got along great (except when Dumpster would run out of space and knock her over, but she quickly forgave him)

And out of all the CD's in the book guess which one she picked?? Phish! She takes after her Unkie D for sure!

Annabella and Dumpster were inseparable, even when we tried to separate them so that Annabella could eat, they couldn't help but want to hang out...... or maybe Dumpsters motivation was the scrambled eggs.... we'll never know for sure.

Another perk about being at Auntie Heather's were her yummy scrambled eggs! Mmmm 

We all enjoyed some girlie dress up time! 

Annabella tried hard to learn how to hula hoop, she's still a little small to fit, but with a little bit of Auntie's help, she'll be hooping like a pro in no time!

Another crazy picture of Heather's crazy cat! 

We had such a great time visiting with Auntie Heather, and all of my hometown friends back in New London, if you live on the east coast I encourage you to visit the town, and the towns around it! 


  1. Oh, I love the crazy kitty! So adorable and yes, a little odd!

  2. :) i love this post...made me smile the whooolllee time reading it!

    love you guys, miss you!