Thursday, October 28, 2010

10 Great Uses for Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly has pretty much always been a part of my life (and as far as I can tell most people that I know as well) Its a product that has been around for 140 years! Now thats a product with a history! Also the price is hard to beat, especially when all you need is just a tiny amount for most tasks and that goes a LONG way! It can be used for just about everything in the house hold, from the garage, to the kitchen, the bathroom and craft room! 

  1. Chapped Lips: When I was younger this was my favorite lip gloss (okay mostly because I was a bit of a butterfingers and lost expensive products so couldn't see the use in buying something that cost more) But also because after using it my lips would fell wonderful, and during the proccess they were glossy as it gets! Its simple to cut the gloss effect by blotting your lips on the back of your hand.
  2. Polishing Pumpkins!: I just saw this idea on another blog, I'm sorry that I can't remember where to give credit where its due. To make your pumpkins (or other winter squash) beautiful and have a bit of a shine, wash them with some vinegar water and then rub them with a bit of petroleum Jelly so that they have a little bit of a shine, I think it probably helps to use a soft cloth
  3. Hair Dying:put this on your hairline before you try to dye it, this will stop the dye from getting on your skin (this works great if you are getting your hair done before you go out for the night.) I relied on this when I would dye my hair myself because I wasn't the neatest beautician
  4. Diaper Rash: I'm sure we all know this one already. It works so great though (but don't use it on cloth) When Annabella has a horrible rash; I will use Vaseline and regular diapers a few times a day and at bedtime, usually clears up in about four days.
  5. Shine Leather Shoes: This is a quick and easy way to get those shoes looking good if you don't have any polish.  Another bonus is that you don't have the risk of getting black shoe polish all over the place. Also helpful if you have an off color shoe.
  6. Rub a little onto your vacuum cleaner parts and they will be easier to get together and apart, I struggled for a long time, even threw out lots of attachments because they were permanently stuck together, I did this to my vacuum a year ago (I'm trying to remember to do things that need to be done yearly around Christmas so I remember) My vacuum parts have been easy to disassemble ever since
  7. Do Your Guests Not respect wood: walk around the house with a soft glass and your Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and buff those horrid marks out! Of course next time I suggest coasters or maybe table cloths. Make sure the cloth is soft!
  8. Squirrels bothering your bird feeder? Coat the pole in Petroleum Jelly and they won't be heading up there anytime soon after! A friend of mine uses this technique, she discovered it after lots of crazy ideas at how to ward those rodents off. This one she told me is one of the best.
  9. Roller Skate Wheels: This works great when applied to the bearings of wheels, they will spin much faster and be smoother to ride on! Be careful if you do this inside and don't get the jelly on the actual wheel because this could cause for an accident as wood floors are already very slippery
  10. Eye Makeup Remover: I love using Vaseline when I am super tired (okay or super drunk) because I hate to take the time to wash all my eye-makeup off. Vaseline works great to just get the products to slide right off your skin, it works especially great with waterproof products like mascara! Its great because as well as getting all the dirt off your skin, it moisturizes, I wouldn't recommended this daily because it may clog pores, but a night or two a week when you are tired or rushed isn't bad so long as you don't already have super oily skin
If you search the internet you can probably find about a hundred other uses for Vaseline, these are some of the ones that I could think of, but like I said it can be used everywhere in the house! I also found this great recipe for non-petroleum Jelly here at  frugal life (Scroll down to the bottom of the article for the recipe)

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  1. I can get behind using petroleum jelly on things like pumpkins and wheels but using it on your body especially your mouth (or on your precious baby) where it would be ingested could be potentially hazardous to your health.

  2. The recipe for non-petroleum jelly has natural ingredients and it works just as well as the Vaseline stuff!