Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm going to School.... and some ranting

Well I did it,
Taking full advantage of Annabella's Grandfather's visit, I started the process today to enroll for a Degree in Bookkeeping. I know it doesn't sound like the most exciting career, the truth is when I looked at the classes I knew that I had already had some background knowledge in the areas that were required. Also, I have done some previous work in this area so I figured it would be a good fit,the world always need bookkeepers

I would be lying to say I'm not nervous, I have lots of forms to fill out and registration is in December, meanwhile  I'm in the process of looking for a job and new apartment because mine floods. I'm not too sure where all this money is going to come from either.

To get all my benefits I'll have to go to school full time so its a little intimidating, not to mention all the supplies that  I'm going to need (how do people go to school full time and still afford everything I guess I'm about to find out) 

Despite all the nervousness that I'm feeling, I'm excited to get back to studying, I've always been a fan of going to school and I'm looking forward to taking some classes that I'm interested in, such as Italian language and possibly some cooking classes while I'm at it. 

I really wanted to go for the Culinary program but the truth is I'm just not sure that I can meet the schedule requirements. So I think that I'm going to start with the book keeping and then go to the culinary program when Annabella is a little bit older so that I can spend this time with her.

I'm pretty nervous about the other people going to school, I know I can use this as an opportunity to make a couple new friends but I think over the years I've lost my people skills. I guess being a stay at home mom will do that to you, however if they had a toddler with them... we could probably talk yo gabba gabba

In the meantime, my sleep has been awful, partially because Annabella hasn't been sleeping through the night, partially because I'm worried about my house being flooded and partially well I'm not sure why else I can't sleep, lets just stay I have a lot on my mind right now and I'm not quite sure how to sort it all out

I know that I should be going back to my therapist, but I just don't feel like I have the time it takes me 45 min to get there, and then an hour appointment and 45 min back. And the drive isn't a nice one in the rain which it has started to do all day long out here in northern California.

Now that I've been looking for a job I find that I have no interest in sewing, which bothers me, its so hard for me to combine my crafting life a life in the regular world, I just feel like after a day of working I want to sit down and watch television, its like all my creative juices stop flowing once I enter the real world and although that bothers me I don't think that I really have much of a choice form the mundane life that the rest of the world lives.

I think that Annabella is hell bent on becoming a vegetarian, she pretty much refuses most chicken and meat and would choose something green over something covered in sugar, which I guess is good, but its been making me feel like she's not getting enough protein in her diet. Anybody have suggestions, I've been giving her beans and tofu, but I don't eat tofu often or much vegetarian food, so I'm curious on some kid friendly recipes that I can feed her that won't be too hard for me to make a lot of and then freeze.

I guess thats about it for now! Looking forward to some blogging opportunities with great giveaways that I was contacted about this week so stay tuned??

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