Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Love New York!

 It felt wonderful to be back on the Metro North Railroad, living in California, I feel I lost a little bit of the New Yorker that i had always embraced. On our trip back to Connecticut, I couldn't' wait to get my booty to New York. With my sister, mother, cousin Kelsey and of course my little Bella. We packed up the stroller and hopped on the train.
Kelsey and Erin were scheming up something over here but I'm not sure what

 This was Kelsey and Annabella's first trip to Grand Central Station, in my opinion one of the most amazing places in the world, so it was fun to share in the excitement of someone who had never seen the train station.
New York is filled with amazing architecture, check out this Synagouge.

This building was so sweet, check out the faces that were carved into it
I think my next house needs some faces carved into it
We even found the home of the goodburger  (sorry though, we were saving our appetites for Little Italy!)
 I knew the cupcake trend was big but not this big! A truck filled with cupcakes! Now thats some fast food!
 After some shopping on Canal Street (who could resist?) We took a left on Mulberry and we were in Italian Heaven!! The streets were filled with amazing smells, and of course hungry folks ready to eat
I'm wonding if maybe I can come up with something like this to roast my meat, maybe I can come up with a smaller model, its on a wheel and the meat spins around the fire slowly, mmm 
 Annabella loved her American Girl Bitty Baby Doll that Granny bought for her at the American Girl Doll Store in Manhattan (by the way if any of you have little girls its not to be missed) She loved the baby doll,  and was especially amazed by the eyes that opened and closed.
She was not however as pleased with this clown that came over, Of course I couldn't resist the photo op. Later we saw the poor fellow get thrown off the street.
 We had Dinner at Giovanna's in Little Italy and it was nice to sit on the street, they had the best garlic bread that we had ever eaten so I had to take a picture
I'm not sure what this guy was doing
 This nice man sang us some Frank Sinatra, which made my night!
This guy played us some wonderful accordion, but wasn't too pleased with me taking his picture
A great picture of us girls
Its been so long since we've been in the city together!!

After and amazing diner, it was back to the streets, and time for some dessert! Who better to visit then....

How does one choose?

 More meat
Corn too!
 Candy Coated strawberries!! And chocolate coated Marshmallows,!
Chicken parm, and ziti, in case you  haven't noticed food is one of the main points of this festival

We got her a shirt that says
"Mommy's little Meatball"

I of course won't leave out the main point of this festival, and thats San Gennaro

San Gennaro is the Patron Saint of Naples. He was martyred into the Faith in 305 A.D.

At the age of 15 Gennaro became a priest, he became bishop of Naples at the age of 20, During the persecution of the Christians, for a year and a half, he helped to hide is fellow Christians. While visiting a friend in Jail him and his colleagues were thrown to jail.

The legend says that he was thrown to the wild beasts in the Flavian Amphitheater, and the beasts would not eat them others say that he was thrown into a furnace and came out unburned.

Every year thousands gather at his church in Naples on December 16 (the day we celebrate his patronage to naples, September 19 (his feast day), and the first Sunday of May (to commemorate the reunification of his relics) On these days his blood  that has been kept in two sealed ampoules, turns from dried blood to liquid for the days of the feasts!

 Riding the Canal Street elevators down to the subway with a tired little baby
Down we go!!
Couldn't leave out my bfing on the subway shot!

Stay tuned folks, I'm coming up with a list of great tips for navigating a city with a little one

Also coming up:

A trip to Greener Pastures horse rescue farm
A visit to Pumpkintown!

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  1. Wait a minute, missy. Just how did you get so skinny so fast after having a little one? Probably not from imbibing at the cupcake truck, huh? Love the pics!