Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back and ready for the season

Well its been about six months, probably longer, but I've honestly missed my little blog to the world

What have I been up to well, lots to say the least
After graduating massage school in Petaluma California from the National Holistic Institute; I moved back out East to CT with my family, I am now living with my two best friends in the world as well as my now three year old daughter

I've been single momming it to the max lately, after working night shifts for about three months, I quit that job and am now working at a lawyer doing data entry as well as doing my massage therapy on the side

I recently passed the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, it was a tough exam after a long weekend but I did it and I'm pretty excited that I'll be getting my certification in CT very soon!

I'm happy that I've finally passed the certification and that I quit the night job, I have much less money but I have been spending a New England Fall with my daughter and myself, my daughter have been having the time of our lives.,

I'm working on getting some products for review as well as some giveaways for the fall, most of my time has been spent at home and weekends I have been frequenting music festivals selling massages because hey, its what I do!

The single mom life out here is hard, there is money to be made, but you need to find your niche, I'm thankful to the amazing help that I've found out here through friends and family.

This month you can expect to see some pictures and recipes from the fall as well as some ideas on products that I have found irreplaceable!

Stay tuned, I'm so glad to be back!

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  1. You've been missed! I'm so glad you're following your goals and dreams, full-throttle.