Monday, September 24, 2012


Umm excuse me is it just me or was it just summer in New England like last week?

I'm waking up and using my electric car starter and dying for coffee?? Oh sucks here we go!

Today I'm rocking some boots and a sweater and ::oh my:: a scarf, I SWEAR I swear I'm not going crazy it is really this cold out.

(here is me NOT missing California)

I'm not gonna lie, when it comes to weather California has the East coast beat. I would much rather be dealing with the dry same day in and day out predictability that the North Bay always provided me with. I did love to drink up that beautiful fog always sent in from the Pacific breeze.

But here in New England there is something familiar about it all, the smell of a crisp fall day in comparison to that of a cold winter frosty morning, there is something about combining all your senses into one East Coast feeling, the way a cigarette tastes with coffee still on your tongue and the cold air biting your nose while you watch the steam rise up from that same cup of coffee. I love hearing the taps every morning from the Coast Guard Academy, while I go to grab a last minute item out of my purse before I head to work.

There is something here, something about the way the Berkshires feel, when you play James Taylor and sip on yet another cup of coffee and smoke that cigarette, or whatever it may be that your smoking on up there in those hills, its cold so cold, but its somehow more peaceful the Utah or Tahoe, something about being far enough away from civilization so that you can still see the milky way gleam bright in the night sky, but close enough to know that you can go visit grandma just a few hours away, or go grab milk for the baby if you run out.

No Northern California was nothing like this, it had its own charm a barren, charm where everything was far away and closed off, the Wild West, to me the appeal was short lived, but I understand the love that people have for it, the raging rivers in spring that disappear by the time fall comes around the next year. I get it its glorious, nothing to bother the natural curve of the land, where it looks like it just fell right off the edge and into the sea, where the sea breeze is so strong that nothing can bother to live except a few brave juniper trees, roots clinging for dear life as the branches are molded by wind.

But there is nothing out there, to me there is a thing as being too free, and California was just that, you can do whatever you want there which leads people to do nothing

But now back here in CT on this cold fall day (and didn't fall JUST get here?) I'm brought back to being a child, brought back to smelling pumpkin bread in the oven after a day at school, back to making brownies and planning halloween parties with my mom (who always had the best ones)  I'm inspired to be a better mother, now that doesn't mean I'll be the best mother (but hey I'm not sure mother of the year was ever in my cards) but with all the fun things to do around here in the fall, I'm super excited to get started on some Pumpkin-turkey-leave-super-fun-time

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