Thursday, November 18, 2010

What Brings Me Comfort and Joy

I remember when I was younger bringing my friend Maria's mother cookies and saying " I bring you tidings of comfort and joy"  These days, my comfort comes from other sources, and sometimes I find it in the least likely places, being far from family, its hard to feel like I have people to fall back on, but I do have friends that have been there for a long time to help me, I also have ways to talk to my family that help me feel close.

One joyous event that I'm looking forward to is  starting traditions with my daughter, we'll be visiting Santa and making gingerbread houses. Looking at Christmas lights and vacuuming pine needles. Knowing that I have someone to share in this season with who will appreciate it as much as me is a great feeling inside and something that I so look forward to.

Skype, I never thought a computer program would give me comfort, but with this handy tool and a couple of cameras, each 3,000 miles from the other, I can see my family and really feel close. I can see my Nana and she can talk to Annabella and watch her walk and stack blocks. This year, they will be able to watch Annabella open the gifts that they get for her, and see how excited she gets about them.

Baking food like home, there is a reason that its called comfort food.When I cook stuffed mushrooms or snowball cookies like my mom. Every part of the experience is like being home. I still taste the cookie dough way more then I should and its something I'm trying to stop so I don't teach my daughter bad habits but I just love the way that it tastes!  The way that the onions, celery and garlic smell simmering for the stuffed mushrooms makes me feel like I'm back at my mom's house (of course mine don't taste as good)

Of course I can't forget about the great friends that I have out here, most of them being from the east coast and sharing in the same Irish-Italian background that I come from, its nice to have friends that share in the same traditions and memories as me!

I hope that you too have places in this season that leave you feeling fuzzy inside and questioning if your grandma is cooking in the other room. To me these feelings are really what the holidays are about.

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