Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ten tips for Smart Holiday Shopping

Its that time of year again! If you haven't already, you better start that holiday shopping, because prices are going up, and so are the amount of people in the stores! I try to make most of my gifts, but there are lots of people who I give gifts to that I just can't seem to find the right thing to make (or I just don't feel I have the time) So for those people that crafting doesn't cover, here are a few tips for getting everything you need

  1. Join Amazon Prime, Amazon prime is a great program that amazon has, it is a club that you join for about $80 a year, you get FREE shipping on tons of items!  If you are searching for specific items, you can even choose "amazon prime shipping" as a choice, and make sure that you don't have to pay for shipping!
  2. Go Local: go to that little farm stand down the street, they have some great local and handmade gifts! Choosing local not only helps local people, but it gives your gifts a touch of charm, especially if you are sending them somewhere else, it helps to invite family far away into your life
  3. Get gift-cards: did you know that you can now send gift-cards on facebook? Thats right, don't leave anyone out this is a quick way to get all your gifts taken care of. What a great way to come up with a quick gift when you notice that you forgot someone!
  4. Have a backup: Just in case you forget someone, make sure to keep a few backup gifts, bottles of wine, board games, or bath and body sets. These are great when unexpected visitors stop by with  gifts. You will avoid awkward situations.
  5. Be frugal; Make up your own gift baskets. Stop at costco and get a bunch of candy, popcorn, some movie tickets and other goodies and wrap them in cute tins and add them to gift baskets. These are great for personalized presents that don't cost much!
  6. Take a tip from the fat man: Make a list and check it twice! Make sure that you get everybody on that list! This will help you avoid forgetting about someone while you are shopping and having to run back to empty store shelves
  7. Use your apps: Have you heard of the fast price check? Well if you have an i-phone look in your app store. This allows you take a picture of a bar code with your phone and then check the prices of local stores and the internet to find the lowest one!
  8. Be prepared: Bring extra everything for your little one. This way you don't have to stop to buy french fries in that crowded McDonald's' line, or have to stop to buy some diapers in the mall where they are super taxed!  Don't forget some fun toys to distract!
  9. Leave the kids at home: If its possible get your hubby or grandma to watch the kids while you do your shopping, even if its not for them. Shopping with kids in a crowded mall can be hard, not only are they begging for everything, they can get antsy, or even lost among shoppers
  10. Don't be afraid of restaurants: Everybody likes dinner out, and a gift certificate at a restaurant is a quick easy and tasty way to say that you care. How about a restaurant gift card and a babysitting certificate for that new mom and dad in your life? Nights out are sometimes underrated

Most of all enjoy this time of year, the music, the lights. Try to ignore the frustrations that can arise, remember that this is a time of year about joy and love for your family. It shouldn't really matter whats wrapped up in that fancy foil!

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  1. Hi Mommypants,

    This is a great post! I love your tips. They are always great ideas.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  2. I love your list! Very useful and informative!