Thursday, November 11, 2010

This Annoys me

For  a while I have been searching for my genealogy, during that search I looked up some information on the Ellis Island, because when I was younger we went to Ellis Island to see our family's names on the wall.

Well the e-mail told me to go here to the Wall of Honor website. At this site you can pay a little less then  $200 to get your family's name put on an addition to the wall. Regardless if your family actually went through Ellis island.

I have mixed feelings about this, in part I think its a nice way to make money for the City of New York, I suppose its also nice if your family came in through Ellis Island and for some reason their documents were lost and they aren't on the wall

But the larger part of me thinks this is kind of ridiculous. Granted, it will be on an addition to the wall, and hopefully the Island will make it so that its not the same as the rest of the wall. However, I didn't see anything on the site to tell me that.  It was always so fun to go find my family on the wall and then learn about what they went through on the way here.  

I haven't really gotten all my thoughts together on this, but I'm planning a longer post.

How do you feel?

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