Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ten Tips for Bringing your new baby home!

Bringing a new baby home can be stressful, not only is it sure to be a busy time, but in the winter especially germs can be a worry for new parents. I can remember bringing Annabella home and being a super germ-freak. Its important to remember that germs are probably not going to kill you, and not to overwash,  becasue this can weaken the immune system. But its important still to wash hands to prevent the unneccesary spread of germs

  1. Anti-bacterial surface wipes: Keep these handy, one near the diaper changing station to wipe down any accidents that happen quickly. Keep some next to the sink for a quick wipe down of handles after touching them with dirty hands from coming inside
  2. Lids for Garbage Cans: Put lids on your garbage cans, this will prevent Fido or young children from getting into the trash (yuck). It will also lessen the chances of flies ending up around your garbage cans. Personally I go for a lid that latches because my dog is pretty crafty!
  3. Anti-bacterial hand spray: I got some great stuff at whole foods but this is nice for peace of mind. When visitors come in the door and want to touch the new baby, a quick spray is all thats needed to be sure that you don't have to worry about unwanted germs. I carry some in my purse, some in my car, and have one next to my diaper changing station so that I can give them a quick spray
  4. Share the Love: New animals can be confused and sometimes even jealous of new babies. Take the dog out for a walk alone, and let him know that he's still important. Make sure to allow him to sniff the baby, and let him know that this is a new member of your family. Avoid leaving the dog alone with the baby at first because you never know how dogs will react
  5. Make a Breastfeeding Station: Chances are you're going to spend most of your days doing this so set up a table next to a chair, with a book, a clock, maybe some snacks. Keep your breastfeeding pillow here so that you don't have to search for it when baby is hungry! I like this spot to be in baby's room so that I have easy access to the crib when she falls asleep!
  6. Bath time!: Get your bathroom ready as well, put baby's bath supplies in areas where you can reach them easily and where they are all together so that they are easy to get to when your baby is wet and slippery! If possible its nice to get a towel warmer for the bathroom so that baby can have a nice cozy towel after bath time!
  7. Set up some rugs: If you don't already, put rugs near places in your house that might get wet. I found that next to my kitchen sink was a good place. I also set the dog dishes on a rug so that they wouldn't get the floor wet. This will prevent you from slipping on water that gets on the floor, be sure to wash these weekly especially if they get wet to prevent them getting icky!
  8. Baby Practice: Get your other children ready for the baby, some hospitals have big brother or sister classes. If not get special doll for younger children so they can have their own baby, practice being quiet, safe touching, feeding, how to hold correctly. This will help children feel more prepared for the baby.
  9. Get Rid of Junk: You are going to get lots of new baby crap, so go through the garage and get rid of those skis you haven't used in ten years, and those newspapers that you had been saving for paper mache. As well as anything that you haven't used in the last year or so. You'll be thankful when you don't have piles of stuff everywhere!
  10. Get Prepared: Check your smoke alarms, do you have emergency candles? Stock up on batteries and bottled water. Preparations for if the power goes out? These are things we don't think about till they happen. Having a new baby its important to have all these things because babies need lots

I hope this can help some of you new moms. I know that when I was pregnant I was searching the internet for every possible safety measure I could to make sure that my little baby was safe! Its also to remember that mamas have been having babies for years and they have been living in much less sanitary conditions then your average american household. Be safe, relax and enjoy this time because it goes by so quick! By next year you won't think twice about picking that chicken nugget off the floor and feeding it to your toddler!

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