Sunday, November 14, 2010


At church today I was reminded why I don't like to say 'shh'

Sitting in the baby room in back, I was distracted not by the little girl trying to pretend to be a cat and meowing

But by her mother who kept making sharp "sh" noises to her daughter "sh, sh, sh"  the entire time she refused to LOOK at her daughter. The girl was probably about four years old. Not only did it not quiet her daughter, it also started to get on my nerves. Instead of hearing her daughter meowing, I now heard her trying to "sh" her daughter to silence, which was only causing them to become louder and louder. 

Annabella babbled a little, and when another girl came into the room, the woman even said 'SH' to her and Annabella when they bumped into her chair. I didn't say anything about how they are just kids because we were in the middle of mass and I didn't know the woman.

I guess I don't really know the church etiquette for such things, but in my opinion, if the kids are playing quietly and I can listen to the priest. Its a lot better then my kid screaming because she wants to run around.

Usually when Annabella is getting out of control, I take her away from the situation and help her to quiet down. I'll try to distract her with a toy or a song, or whatever I can find that she won't eat (or sometimes something she will eat) Sometimes I do find myself going to "sh" her but I really try not to because I hated it when I was younger, and apparently still do.

How do you quiet your kids in situations where they are better seen then heard? 

Why wear a hat when you can wear a bag on your head?\
note: no I did not take this picture at church I just think its adorable

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