Friday, August 13, 2010

We're Back! And its our 100th Post~

How wonderful to be back in Blog Land!

For those of you just tuning in, we were going through some financial difficulties and the internet was not quite in our budget, sadly due to some past losses, my library card holds some serious debt. But nevertheless we are back and so happy to be here.

Being away from the internet has had its downside, directions, e-mails and staying in touch in general has proved to be sort of a problem. My supply of soap nuts dissapated quickly, and I found myself spending loads of money on laundry detergent! (However the oxyclean did come in handy when I accidentally spilled a glass of wine on Ryan)

All in all though life has been good, we have been enjoying life without a computer, which has meant lots of episodes of the The Sopranos! And Star Trek (I'd almost consider myself a trekie and I'm anxiously awaiting the next convention!)

Annabella keeps growing and getting bigger, she has mastered 'no' (although I'm not quite sure she grasps the concept of it yet)

I have been practicing my photography skills, and been busy using up my fabric stash (annabella now has a collection of dresses constructed of old curtains) I was lucky enough to win a copy of 

Handmade Beginnings: 24 Sewing Projects to Welcome Baby

from Prudent baby, and I have been making some adorable projects from it, so far we have three dresses from curtains. Here's a picture of her farm dress that I made from some old kitchen curtains and a scrap of fabric from the free box outside the fabric store

A chicken with velcro chicks made from scraps, has become a new favorite toy

I also made this quilt which only cost me about $8 because everything came from the discount fabric store!

It was originally meant for etsy, but Annabella claimed it
Annabella has found a new interest in cooking with mama

Some kind relatives sent us a Christmas dress (it should fit perfect in about two years when she will wear a 3T)

Feeding herself has been a little complicated but less messy then expected thanks to the Boon Catch Bowl - Toddler Bowl with Spill Catcher, Blue/Greeen
but not totally without a mess!

We also got a swing and tied it in an old oak tree, this has provided for hours of fun and it only cost us about $24 for the swing!

I'll have another post later with updated garden pics and some pictures of our trips to a few rivers!


  1. I am so happy to see you are back I look so forward to reading and seeing new pictures of Annabella!

  2. The farm dress is adorable! So is your baby in the swing. :)