Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Tips for Planning a Unique Baby-shower

Baby Showers!
A fun way to celebrate the new little one coming into the world

A great way to spoil the expectant mommy

And of course, an excuse to eat cake

However, is it just me or can they get a little bit..... monotonous? Melted candy bars in a diaper, jordan almonds in a baby carriage wrapped up in tulle?

Why not switch it up a bit.... here are some of my ideas for baby showers that are a little bit different,.

  1. Have a Book Baby Shower: A friend of mine had this and it was great, it took a little bit of work from her mom to make sure there were no duplicates, but the party was great, and their little one will have these books with personal messages from all his friends forever! The party was so much fun, it was great to look through all the books from being a kid, and to see the new ones that I had never heard of. (I still like the old ones best)
  2. Have a crafty shower:  I knew a woman who made a quilt for the expectant mother, she then brought it to the baby shower along with a basket of embroidery thread and a book for ideas, she asked guests to embroider something personal on the blanket for the new baby. I saw the finished project and it was an heirloom gift to be treasured forever
  3. Mix it up: Women only showers are in the past, why not invite the boys so that the father to be can be celebrated? Invite the guys and tone down the girlishness, this is great for a mama that is a little bit shy around people, having her significant other there can really make her feel comfy.
  4. Fun Favors: Why not give favors that guests will actually use? Give special guests a frame that can hold two photos, take a picture of baby in bell and send it out later later when its time to send out announcements, along with a picture of the new baby. 
  5. Do it yourself favors: Set out a candy display with penny candy, give out bags for guests so that they can choose what candy they want, the display will also add whimsy to the room, a must for baby showers
  6. Special notes for the future: I saw a project somewhere online not too long ago, where every guest wrote a message on a little piece of paper, they then wrapped each message around a birthday candle, the candles could then be used each year for the child's birthday!
  7. Food: why not think healthy, try to avoid the typical casseroles, and greasy finger foods that are served, remember this is a baby shower, promote health, what about a diy salad bar, include chicken, or tofu for some extra protien. Summer showers are especially great for this because you can find lots of veggies at your farmers market.  For Dessert? Why not a do it yourself ice cream bar with vanilla ice cream and fruit to top it off?
  8. Name that Baby!: This game is especially fun, have each guest bring in a baby photo of themselves. Hang them on a board and number them, give each guest a sheet of paper, and have them write down who is who! See who can match the most! Its so much fun to look at old baby photos of your friends
  9. Petits Fours: Instead of a giant cake, why not serve individual Petits Fours? They are adorable and fit the baby theme well, it also allows for guests to control how much they get, rather then being given a big piece of cake they may not want, they can choose from a variety of different small cakes.
  10. Plant party!: I love fitting gardening in anywhere I can, so heres another great party favor idea, get pots for all your guests, a bag of soil, and a tray of plants, let guests pot thier own plants ( be sure to put gloves and an apron on the table so guests don't have to get dirty) Or get your green thumb out and prepot the favors for your guests! They will remember you everytime they water it.
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  1. Mommypants, This is a fabulous post! I think I will send my readers by to visit you. I was promising to give them some tips for baby showers and I love your fresh ideas!

    How creative!