Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Five favorite family time ideas

Fall is almost here! I think that fall is most definitely my favorite time of year, The colors, the harvest, the smell, the games, the way the air feels.  Its the perfect time for creating family memories, and enjoying what the earth provides if you work for it a little!

That's why I'm sharing my five ideas for family time,

  1. Go Fruit Picking! Pick your own is a site that allows you to find local farms where you can go pick your own food! Not only do you get great fruit, but you can enjoy the farm itself, take great fall pictures, and have a blast and maybe a pie!
  2. Canning! Use up what you didn't eat from picking your fruit and can some food with your family, it is so helpful to have lots of hands while canning, and you can remember your fall all year long! Or can  up jam and save it for Christmas gifts! Home-canning.com has all the info you need to do it yourself
  3. Volunteer! Do something good for the community with your family, weather it be cleaning up a park, or working at a soup kitchen this will help you feel good inside, and instill caring in your children
  4. Play! Mini-Golf, football, soccer, go for a bike ride, or just go to the playground, playing with your kids outside is not only good for your relationship, but its good for your health. Stock up on that Vitamin D, because winter will soon have us cooped up inside.
  5. Read a book, why not pick a book that you can read a chapter from every day, I like the idea of picking a long book with a wonderful story (think Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time) books that may  have too many words for younger kids to understand,can become fun story-time when read out loud. Older children can also enjoy the story, and as a parent you will also like the book and reading out loud helps build vocabulary and will help you speak clearer in everyday situations.

Enjoy this fall while it lasts, my fondest memories are ones of fall time.  Get out there and enjoy it with your kids

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