Saturday, December 3, 2011

Adventures with Chocolate

It should be no secret to you by now that I love chocolate.

I nearly jumped for joy when I received Adventures in Chocolate by Paul A Young.

The book is filled with recipes and techniques that could make even the beginner cook a chocolate pro. Learn how to make Ganache, temper chocolate,  and make the most amazing truffles you've had.

With 80 recipes you can easily fill a few months making these.

The book is an even mix of complicated and easy recipes. I made the Chocolate-drenched cacao-nib cookies. An amazing cookie made with cacao nibs. The cookies come out almost as brownies, and to be honest I ate most of the cookies in dough form.

The dough is TO DIE FOR, and the cookies aren't bad either , you can see the dough above and drool over it.... I'll be honest and tell you that 1/3 of that bowl was eaten before the oven was finished baking them!

The book features truffles, tarts, sweets and savory recipes. Its amazing.

I have really enjoyed this book, both reading it and cooking from it, my only complaint when I first opened it was that a lot of the chocolate in the recipes was for the most part hard to find and expensive.  This was easily fixed by using a couple brands  I found at Whole Foods, I haven't felt once that the chocolate I used for the recipes didn't work... in fact every recipe has been amazing.

So please, if you're a chocolate lover (and I know you're out there) this is the book for you! Fit chocolate into every meal of the day, I can't wait to have a Chocolate party inspired by this book.

I received a free copy of Adventures with Chocolate for this review, all opinions are 100% mine. I did not receive any monetary payments for this review.

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